NZM2/3-XUHIV380-440AC alapinge vabasti +2NO

Undervoltage release, 380-440VAC, +2early N/O

Notes: for interlocking and load-shedding circuits, as well as for early-make of the undervoltage release in main-switch applications. For use with Emergency-Stop devices in conjunction with emergency-stop button. when the shunt release is energized, accidental contact with the main contacts of the switch during attempts to switch on is safely prevented. Early make of auxiliary contacts on switching on and off (manual operation): approx. 20ms. Undervoltage releases cannot be installed simultaneously with NZM..-XHIV.. early-make auxiliary contact or NZM..-XA.. shunt release. Cannot be used in conjunction with NZM...-XR... remote operator. Can be used for: NZM2(-4), N(N/O)2(-4), NZM3(-4), N(N/O)3(-4)

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NZM2/3-XUHIV380-440AC Alapingevabasti+lisakontakt Eaton 95,83 €
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NZM2/3-XUHIV380-440AC Alapingevabasti+lisakontakt Eaton
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