BIS-410i Impulsrelee aegviitega

Purpose - Electronic bistable impulse relay allows switching of lighting or other equipment from several different points of using the control buttons are connected in parallel.
Functioning - The receiver is followed by current pulse triggered by pressing any (bell) connected to the relay. Turning off the receiver will be the next pulse or automatically turn off after a preset time. Longer duration (minimum 2 seconds) pressing the relay instantaneous permanently. It will cut out after a momentary button is pressed again (or after a power failure). Note! BIS-410 and BIS-410i can be used with illuminated buttons.
power supply 100÷265V AC
contact / load current (AC-1) 1NO / <16A (160A/20ms)
current control pulse L <5mA
response delay 0.1÷0.2s
off time - adjustable 1÷15min.
supply signalling - green LED
power consumption standby 0.15W on 0.6W
working temperature -25÷50°C
terminal 2.5mm² screw terminals
tightening torque 0.4Nm
dimensions Ø54 (□48×43mm), h= 20mm mounting in the Ø60 flush-mounted box
ingress protection IP20
Kood Kirjeldus KM-ta KM-ga ühik
*Impulsrelee aegviitega 230V AC 16A (160A/20ms) 1NO harutoosi F&F 21,00 €
15,75 €
18,90 €
Kood: BIS-410i
*Impulsrelee aegviitega 230V AC 16A (160A/20ms) 1NO harutoosi F&F Lõpumüük
-25% KM-ta: 21,00 € 15,75 €
KM-ga: 18,90 €