Herkules LED, equipped with LED light source, is a highly efficient luminaire designed for emergency lighting. Its main task is to illuminate emergency escape routes and rooms in public facilities, work places, etc. It is compatible with all emergency lighting systems offered by Hybryd.

Casing colour:white - RAL 9003
Lamp cover: flat and transparent

Technical data
Power supply: 230V 50Hz
Power consumption: <7VA
Protection class: I
Protection degree: IP 53
Light source: Moduł LED (unchangeable light source)
Minimal luminous flux: 450 lm
Light source power: 5W
Light source lifespan: >50 000h
Accumulator type: (according to version) Ni-MH HT, Ni-Cd HT
Accumulator voltage: 4,8V: Accumulator capacity: 2,1Ah, 2,5Ah, 4,0Ah
Recharging type: 24h
Emergency work time: 1h, 2h, 3h
Ambient temperature: +10°C ÷ +40°C

Kood Kirjeldus KM-ta KM-ga ühik
*Herkules-P 3h NM LED 5W AT 3C LED5 IP53 evak.tee valg.Hybryd 75,00 €
37,50 €
45,00 €
Kood: 1457
*Herkules-P 3h NM LED 5W AT 3C LED5 IP53 evak.tee valg.Hybryd Lõpumüük
-50% KM-ta: 75,00 € 37,50 €
KM-ga: 45,00 €